Goodbye Japan

Elliott. In the future when people ask me “What’s Japan like?” I’m not sure how I’ll answer them. Billy. I’ve thought about that too. When people ask me I’m just going to say “I have no idea how to answer that question.”  Elliott. Right? The question is ridiculous in and of itself. What someone is … Continue reading Goodbye Japan



At CoCo’s curry, you get to decide how spicy you want your food to be. Mari claims to love spicy food, and so she recommends we all get level four spice.  Elliott. Is level four really spicy? Mari. No not really. It’s like a good spicy.  Billy. If you think it’s good then I’m on … Continue reading Curry


We clean rooms and make the beds when guests leave. The more guests checking out, the more beds and rooms we have to clean. There is no consistency to guests coming and going, so sometimes there’s little cleaning, and sometimes there’s a bunch that needs to be done.  The other day there was a mass … Continue reading Messes