I never considered the power of my own hair until I was shaving it all away. 

It is so much easier maintaining a shaved head than a full head of hair, and I need to take all the easy shortcuts I can if I’m going to try and make a full year of traveling. I knew I would have to shave my head at some point, and India just felt like the right place and time to do it. 

I had no tarp or anything to catch the clumps of hair, so I spread my raincoat on the floor instead. My red hair has always been one of my most attractive features, but I realized its power was dependent on the body it grew from. Heaped on my bright green raincoat, it looked listless, devoid of any magic or beauty. 

Looking in the mirror I see now orange peach fuzz, the kind described by my mother when I was born: “an orange glow” about my head. 

That was why Samson could not bring the columns down. His hair had no magic at all. No, when he saw his fresh-shaved head in the mirror he saw the powerless child he had once been and now was again. 


5 thoughts on “Samson

  1. “You can shave my head, clean as my hand
    And my strength will become as natural as any old man”.
    lyrics from Samson and Delilah


  2. Wow! Can easily picture little bald Elliott with glow around his head from the red poking through. Wonder if it’s as smooth and nicely shaped or if you’ve managed to get some dents along the way.


  3. Nah. He has a perfect head. No stitches, bumps or bruises that either his mom and I are aware of. Just an orange halo on a 22 year old pristine noggin.


  4. Of course it’s the whole person and not the hair that matters, but you and I both know that red hair is the sign of an extraordinary individual. 😉


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