Osaka 101

I don’t know how much I can tell you about Osaka given that I’m only staying here for just a day, but I know this: it is humid here. And hot. Hot and Humid. The actual temperature reads 96 degrees, but the “feels like” temperature reads 101. Also, according to Billy, wearing shorts in Japan as an adult is considered childish, as shorts are customary for children, and expected to be out-grown. There seems to be some truth to his assertion, because everyone seems to be running around wearing pants. Whatever, I’ll be gladly considered childish if it keeps me a few degrees cooler.

Anyway, here is some choice dialogue had between ourselves and the lady at customs.

Customs Lady. What brings you to Japan?

Elliott and Billy. Travel, tourism.

Customs Lady. How long will you be here?

Billy. A month. We’re going to be at a hostel in Beppu.

Customs Lady. Beppu?

Billy. Yeah, Beppu Oita?

Customs Lady. Ooh, Beppu (pronouncing Beppu in the correct Japanese way). Great! Well let me just check your bags here… *She opens our bags and discovers an absolute cache of chocolate protein bars given to us by Doug and Vince* Ooh, you guys must really like chocolate.

I’m not ungrateful for the bars, Doug and Vince, but they ensured that our first interaction with an actual Japanese person confirmed us as stereotypical Americans who love junk food. I’m sure if you guys knew this you would find it hilarious.


One thought on “Osaka 101

  1. Would have sent some Take 5’s if I knew you’d want chocolate. You and Tess in a ‘feels like’ hot temperature. At least you have nice looking legs for shorts. Be safe.


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