Counting, Butt Fights, and Sake Bombs

A conversation had with friends recently.

Brianna: You guys just graduated then?

Billy: In May, yeah.

Brianna: So what’s next?

Elliott: We’re actually going to be doing some traveling for a year, or for as long as our money will last.

Brianna: Where are you going first?

Billy: We’re leaving for Japan in August.

Brianna: Oh! I know how to count to ten in Japanese!

Elliott: Do it!

Brianna: Let’s see, it’s いち, に, さん, し, … wait, was し for seven or four?

Billy: Don’t know. Sounded good to me though.

Elliott: We’ve been trying to learn Japanese, but it’s been going pretty slowly.

Brianna: Anyway what will you guys be doing in Japan?

Elliott: We’re going to be working in hostel for a month.

Brianna: That’s cool. Do it while we’re young right?

Billy: That’s the idea.

            The conversation is here interrupted by the parties involved downing sake bombs.

Brianna: Japan is such a cool place to start. The culture shock will be incredible.

Elliott: I feel like it’s just going to be culture shock after culture shock though; maybe past a certain point we’ll become accustom to the shock itself.

Billy: I hope so. It will be great to submerse ourselves in the unfamiliar, after being in such a familiar bubble all our lives.

Author’s note: We were definitely not this eloquent after consuming a few sake bombs, but you get the picture.

Elliott: I’m looking forward to whatever culture Japan shocks me with.

Brianna: That reminds me—have you guys seen anime butt fights yet?

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