Twenty-Eight Days



And so it was that I hopped in my car to rescue my friend Ellery from the side of the road. It’s a sunny afternoon here in Connecticut, so I rolled the down the windows and played some mellow music, driving past sleepy fields and sloping hills.

After the bike had been loaded and we were on our way I turned the music back on.

Ellery. Some Mac DeMarco?

Elliott. It’s a nice day. Mac is perfect driving music for an afternoon like this.

Ellery. Absolutely.

Elliott. He was great live too.

Ellery. He was. That was almost two years ago when we saw him. August 19th, 2015.

Elliott. Huh. Billy and I are leaving on August 19th.

Ellery. Really? I guess big things happen on the 19th of August.


Twenty-eight days left.


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