Thirty Days

In my room I have a whiteboard where I jot down notes or ideas when I’m working. At the moment the whiteboard has been consumed with my crappily drawn hiragana characters. Billy came over yesterday to do more planning for the trip, and upon seeing the whiteboard the following conversation ensued.

Billy. You’re writing out hiragana? I bet that’s good practice.

Elliott. It helps. When you’re pronouncing the characters they all seem so easily
drawn—like they’re just a scribble or something. But, as I’ve discovered, they are super hard to write out accurately.

B. I bet.

E. I did nail O (お) though. I drew that character pretty well I think.

B. Yeah. Ha (は) looks pretty good too, but where’s Ho (ほ)?

E. I don’t think I’ve written that one out yet.

B. The Te (て), Ta (た), and To (と) always seem to get me.

E. Ha (は), Ho (ほ), and Ke (け) are usually where I get confused. They all have a similar shape.

B. That’s true. No (の) is pretty easy though, but Nu (ぬ) and Me (め) can be tricky.

E. Yeah.

*Both stare at the whiteboard in silence for a moment*

E. You want some iced tea?

B. That sounds good.

Thirty days left.


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